Bibliotheca introduces pay-per-use ebook pricing

An image of a multi-colored installation by Gabriel Dawe at the Renwick Gallery in Washington, DC.

Biblioteca has announced plans to provide pay-per-use pricing for ebooks. Blackstone Audio and Hachette Audio will be a part of the service's initial offerings. Discussions are underway with other publishers, however.

A group of pilot libraries will test the service, and Biblioteca plans to release it broadly later this year. The Cloud Library's up-front pricing model will continue to be available, alongside the new service.

Bibliotheca promoted the new service in a press release: "Unlike traditional ownership-driven digital models, where the content is paid for up-front in full and then loaned to patrons over time, pay-per-use has no up-front costs at all. Instead, libraries can offer an extended range of titles, and are only charged when a title is downloaded."

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