Bibliotheca Hybrid SelfCheck 1000™

bibliotheca hybrid selfCheck 1000

Minitex is now offering bibliotheca hybrid selfCheck 1000™

The most ergonomic, user-friendly experience, the hybrid selfCheck™ 1000 was designed to maximize the day-to-day activities of a library, while promoting the activities and programs available within your community or academic setting.

Perfect for hybrid library environments - The hybrid selfCheck™ 1000 is ideal for libraries that currently use EM technology.  Designed to grow with your library,  built-in RFID is available at any point for future needs. 
Seamless integration - To provide the best possible user experience, the hybrid selfCheck™ 1000 has many options that are all integrated in ergonomic locations for quick and easy use during the self-service
A simple change makes a huge difference  - We've flipped and enlarged the touchscreen.  This 22” monitor allows over 20 items to be visible in a list view  without the need for scrolling.
Collect more money, in any form you like! - With the ability to accept cash, coins, cards, chip & pin and now even Near Field Communication (NFC) payments, all payment methods are possible. 
Light-based guidance simplifies the process - Our ingenious light-based user guidance system uses a series of LEDs to highlight the next step in the transaction, helping patrons effortlessly navigate through the self-service process. 

Special Discounted Introductory Offer!  If you’re ordering from an office or library supply company you are paying way too much! 

Ordering Methods

Fax:  612-625-3569
Phone:  612-625-9527 or 800-462-5348

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In Communications and Organizational Support, our mission is to enhance the Minitex staff's effective and efficient service to libraries. We provide friendly, timely, and accurate service to Minitex staff, and to the staff of each participating library. We accomplish our mission by constantly improving our technical and customer service skills.

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