Closeout sale of DiscMate DVD, CD, and Blu-Ray Security Cases

This is an image of DiscMate DVD, CD, and Blue-Ray Security Cases

Minitex has a limted supply of DiscMate cases for DVD, CD, and Blu-Ray (100/case) that are being discounted for close out of our stock. Take advantange of these massive 60-75% discounts

Supplies are limited so order now!! See below for ordering information.

 Stock Number



 Sale Price


 75-4700-0470-8   DiscMate Single CD $239.00   $100.00   Over 58%
 75-4700-0471-6   DiscMate Double CD $253.00   $100.00   Over 60%
 75-4700-2856-6   DiscMate Snap-In Tray for Single $81.00   $25.00   Over 69%
 75-4700-0469-0    DiscMate DVD Replacement Locks $81.00   $30.00   Over 62%
 75-4700-2855-8   DiscMate Snap-In Tray for Single DVD $93.00   $25.00   Over 73%
 75-4700-2769-1   Discmate Single Blu-Ray $265.00   $65.00   Over 75%
 75-4700-2842-6   Discmate Blu-Ray Tray Insert  $81.00   $25.00   Over 69%


If you’re ordering from an office or library supply company you are paying way too much!

Ordering Methods

Fax:  612-625-3569
Phone:  612-625-9527 or 800-462-5348

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