Tech Logic SMART BINS - 350 looking for a new home

Tech Logic  SMART BINS - 350 (looking for a new Home)

Anoka County Library has 2 Tech Logic 350 Smart sorting bins that they are no longer using and want to sell. Please contact Bonnie Dishon, Senior Office Manager at Anoka County Library (763) 324-1517 if interested. 

Smart Bins®contain an automatic floor controlled by a photoelectric eye that detects the presence or absence of items! Their ergonomic, wheeled design saves your materials and your staff from unnecessary wear and tear as items are kept at a constant, raised level.

Intelligent Modes:

  • Auto Unload: Bin floor raises to the top for easy unloading.
  • Auto Load: Load sensors adjust bin floor descent so items are not damaged as they fill the bin.
  • Manual Mode: Operator has full control of the bin floor height for unloading.

Size available: 350 Smart Bin

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Tim Peters

Tim Peters manages sales and distribution of library products in Minitex's Cooperative Purchasing & Electronic Resources Services unit. You can contact him by phone at 612-625-9527 or by email at