New contribution to Minnesota Reflections: Carleton College's Weather Diaries

Meteorological record, Carleton College Weather Service, Northfield, Minnesota

The Minnesota Digital Library is excited to share a new contribution to our collection from Carleton College. Carleton has elected to share a collection of 61 weather diaries from their archives. Carleton students, faculty, and staff used the U.S. Army Signal Services Form #101 to record temperature, weather condition, and precipitation amounts for the station located at Carleton's first observatory in 1885. These diaries provide an intersting look at historic weather patterns in Northfield, Minnesota. 

The Carleton Archives was established in 1967 to preserve the history of Carleton College, Northfield. The photos, taken between 1871 and 1922, reflect student life. They include sports and recreational events, such as field day, gymnastics, football, hockey and baseball teams, a freshman picnic, Bouncing Day, Carleton Circus and May Fete. Some photos depict the first college class in 1871, the parade at a presidential inauguration and class lectures. They all exemplify the early history of Carleton College, which was founded in 1866, one of the first private colleges in Minnesota. 

View the entire collection here. 

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