New contribution to Minnesota Reflections: Minnesota Library Association

Crossword, MLA Peddler, March 1941

New content has been added to the Minnesota Library Association (MLA) Collection in Minnesota Reflections. In addition to the MLA Newsletter issues just added, the Collection now includes:

  • Founding documents of the Association such as the constitution, and an 1891 letter from William W. Folwell to J. Fletcher Williams (Minnesota Historical Society) calling for the formation of a state library association in Minnesota.
  • Scripts from a radio show called Fact Finders, created by the Minnesota Library Association Radio Committee and broadcast weekly from 1938-­1939)
  • The first traveling library book list (1898)
  • Conference programs dating back to 1896, and notes from the very first 1891 annual meeting
  • Association newsletters (1939-2005), including one called the M.L.A. Peddler, created and conceived by the junior members of the Minnesota Library Association that ran from 1939-1943.

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About the Minnesota Library Association
The Minnesota Library Association (MLA) is an association of library supporters, representing all types of libraries, by helping them accomplish together what none can do alone. The majority of the MLA archives reside at the Minnesota Historical Society (MNHS), and this project was in collaboration with the MNHS, the Minnesota Digital Library, and a dedicated group of MLA volunteers.