New MDL webpage and introductory videos on implementing rights statements in Minnesota Reflections

Rights Statements: An Introduction YouTube thumbnail image

Want to know more about rights statements? The rights statements project team has put together a new resource webpage, located in the Standards and Best Practices section of the MDL website. It contains an overview of the project, and access to a variety of training materials and resources. 


We have two new videos just published! These were recorded and narrated by Greta Bahnemann (MDL Metadata Librarian), Molly Huber (MDL Outreach Coordinator), Sara Ring (Minitex Continuing Education Librarian), and Nancy Sims (University of Minnesota Libraries Copyright Librarian). They were designed to help new and returning Minnesota Reflections Contributors understand more about using and assigning rights statements from to metadata in their digital collections. The videos are a supplement to the in-person workshops that will be offered in the near future. View the videos by following the links below.

  • Rights Statements: An Introduction
    Learn about MDL Rights Statements implementation, copyright considerations, and an overview of the rights statements options for Minnesota Reflections contributors.
  • Rights Statements: Working with Examples
    Presenters will introduce the decision tree document Rights Review: An approach to applying Rights Statements from and use examples from Minnesota Reflections to show how the statements can be applied.

From the new webpage you can also view and download two custom handouts that we created to make it easier for Minnesota Reflections Contributors to describe the copyright status of their digital materials. Use the handouts when you need to assign rights statements from to your Minnesota Reflections metadata.

  • Rights Review: An approach to applying Rights Statements from
    A decision tree document that offers one possible approach to determining which rights statements to associate with a digital object. It is organized into the categories of Published, Unpublished, or Government Document.
  • Rights Statements Quick Reference
    Contains the 6 rights statements that MDL is implementing, their definitions, and a "should you use" column with addititional notes. The six statements are organized into the rights categories of In Copyright, No Copyright, and Other.