New Primary Source Set: Whaleback Boats on the Great Lakes

Whaleback in shipyard, Duluth, Minnesota

We are pleased to announce a new addition to the Minnesota Reflections's Primary Source Set project. The newest Primary Source Set documents the history of Whaleback Boats on the Great Lakes. This Primary Source Set recounts the history of the whaleback boat including information on the designer and builder, as well as information on the uses of whaleback boats, its design flaws, and the whaleback's appearance at the Chicago World Fair in 1893. In addition to providing an overview of the history of whaleback boats, this set also provides links to a number of photographs of whaleback boats in Minnesota Reflections. This Primary Source Set also includes an associated Teaching Guide with Discussion Questions and Classroom Activities. 

Our Primary Source Sets serve as an online resource for teachers and students. Each Primary Source Set focuses on a historic topic and showcases the various resources found in Minnesota Reflections that relate to that subject. With the addition of the Whaleback Boats on the Great Lakes, our list of Primary Source Sets has expanded to a total of 16 sets. Stay tuned, as we plan to add additional titles this fall! 

Click here to view Whaleback Boats on the Great Lakes. 

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