Registration is open for 2019 summer Rights Statements implementation training

We are hosting two training events this summer for those who want to learn more about standardized rights statements and their implementation. The first, on Monday, July 22nd will be held at the Washburn Public Library in Minneapolis, and the second, on Thursday, August 15th, is at the Kathryn A. Martin Library at the University of Minnesota-Duluth. Both are open to the public and are free of charge. 

Each event is broken into two parts. In the morning, the presenters will review and share examples of how rights statements can be used and applied in Minnesota Reflections. Attendees will be introduced to the MDL Rights Review workflow document, as well as other tools for implementing the statements in your digital collection. There will be opportunities to work through general examples as a group.

After lunch, there will be an optional, hands-on workshop led by the presenters. We will work together to develop comfort and skill at applying rights statements to examples in participants' collection. If you are a current contributor to Minnesota Reflections, you will be provided with a spreadsheet of your collection records that you can start working on immediately. If you are not a contributor, you are still welcome to work through examples from your own collection with the assistance of the training team.

These training events provide the opportunity to learn more about the standardized rights statements developed by the international collaborative Adding these labels to your digital collections will improve usability and access for users, and the Minnesota Digital Library is proud to participate in this initiative by facilitating implementation of rights statements from in Minnesota Reflections. 

Registration is open now for both of these training opportunities. Join us for the Minneapolis event by registering here, and for Duluth here. The content is the same at each event, so you are welcome to attend whichever is most convenient for you. We look forward to seeing you!