CORA: Community of Online Research Assignments for Faculty & Librarians

If you haven't already done so, the Community of Online Research Assignments (CORA), is worth exploring and bookmarking especially if you do any teaching.  Funded from a grant provided by the Statewide California Electronic Library Consortium (SCELC), CORA is a:

collaborative space for adapting and experimenting with research assignments and sharing the success or lessons learned so that others may benefit. The database will contain multiple, reliable and reproducible research assignments that will not live as isolated entities, but are enhanced by user feedback in order to build a rich corpus of best practices.

CORA Assignments can be searched by keyword, information literacy concepts, discipline, ability level (high school, undergraduate, graduate), and individual or group assignments.  Assignment entries include attachments (e.g., worksheets, activities, examples, and handouts), intended discipline, learning outcomes, information literacy concepts, how it was implemented or integrated into a course, and more.

Some recent entries in CORA include:

  • Making Sense of Scholarly Journal Abstracts
  • Infographics Workshop
  • Business Plan Workshop -- Learning the Basics
  • Library Database Teach-In
  • Evaluating the Interwebz with Think/ Square/ Share
  • Evaluating the Interwebz with Designated Skeptics
  • Scholarly Party
  • Annotated Bibliography / Introduction to Disciplines
  • Scholarly Inquiry and Research Methods
  • Information Needs, Types, and Qualities

CORA is a terrific resource to get to know and in which to participate!