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Reference Notes, November 2019

In partnership with Metronet, Minitex is participating in an ELM Expo on Saturday, December 7, 2019, at Coon Rapids High School. This event will focus on eLibraryMN, and the suite of databases available, at no cost, to all Minnesota residents. Read more

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Are you looking for a way to empower your students as creators and help them develop a positive digital footprint? Check out MN Writes MN Reads . Read more

As I continue to reflect back on the sessions I attended at the recent Internet Librarian Conference, I am reminded of some interesting tidbits I took away from a session titled, "Beyond Stories to Engagement, Influence, & Support," presented by Patrick Sweeney, Political Director at ... Read more

Should libraries continue using social media? Should libraries spend tax dollars on social media advertising? What are librarians responsibilities to their patrons as far as social media goes? Knowing what we know about it, do libraries belong on social media? Read more

Ebooks Minnesota: top 10 accessed titles

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Oct 30, 2019 by Beth Staats

As the popular titles change from year to year, it's always fun to see what people are reading in Ebooks Minnesota. In this article, you will find links to the most accessed titles from the past 12 months. Read more

Ebooks can offer support to kids and teens suffering from mental illness. Teen suicide has risen dramatically over the past several years and one in five young adults and teenagers suffer from some form of mental illness. Read more

Minitex at the Twin Cities Book Festival

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Oct 18, 2019 by Kay Kirscht

Saturday, October 12, started cold and rainy - and ended with hard bits of sleet hitting my windshield on the return trip, but the crowd at the the 2019 Twin Cities Book Festival managed to keep the unheated Minnesota State Fair's Progress ... Read more

Encyclopaedia Britannica launches Britannica Fundamentals , an innovative early learning product for students in grade levels kindergarten through second grade. Formerly the Learning Zone, the updated platform will ... Read more

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Minitex helps libraries save money with our cooperative purchasing programs. Reports are being distributed now to our director contacts at Minnesota libraries that have worked with CPERS in the past year. Read more