Self-Published Ebooks on the Rise

According to a recent Author Earnings report, there have been some interesting trends relating to the Big Five publishers and self-published authors.  A 27-month trend shows that Indie published ebooks have risen from about 27% of the market share to 44% on Amazon.  The most drastic trend is that of the Big Five publishers down from 42% to just over 20% of the market share on Amazon.  It would make sense then that Indie published author earnings have risen about 20%.   This shows that readers are choosing to read and purchase independently published ebooks.  It is important that libraries recognize this trend and innovate and collaborate in order to offer their users acceptable choices.  

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Beth Staats

Beth is one of three Reference Outreach & Instruction Librarians with Minitex. She holds a BA in History from the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities, and a Master's Degree in Library and Information Studies from the University of Wisconsin, Madison.  You can reach her by phone at 612-624-7873 or email at