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Project ReShare is a developing software that is gaining the interest of many in the the interlibrary loan community. Read more for an update on this system.


Have you heard the buzz about Project ReShare? Project ReShare, a member of the Open Library Foundation, has been gaining traction in the interlibrary loan arena recently as it begins to position itself as an open-source competitor to other ILL management systems like Tipasa, ILLiad, and Clio.  

In a recent webinar, project collaborators described in more detail how and what the steering committee hopes to accomplish. The software is based on Folio open source library software. Plans are for Project ReShare to be customizable through the use of apps. 

The minimum viable product (MVP) expected by the fall of 2019 will focus on sharing of returnables. Software testing and pilots are projected to begin in Spring 2020. Funding for the project so far has come from several sources, including PALCI and TRLN consortia and the project's commercial partner and preferred service provider, Index Data. The group is also seeking additional funding, grants, development time, domain experts, and pilot sites from the library community.  

If you would like to learn more about the project, you may view the webinar, or contact the committee directly at 



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