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The Minitex office and staff will be moving from Andersen Library to Wilson Library June 5-15.


The Minitex staff will be moving to make room for the creation of the Maxine Houghton Wallin Special Collections Research Center planned for space where our office is currently located in Elmer L. Andersen Library. We are anticipating only minor service disruptions to your libraries during the move, which is scheduled for June 5-15. Most of our staff will relocate to Wilson Library, however, MLAC and several of our Resource Sharing and Delivery staff will remain working all or part of their day in Andersen Library. Handling of ILL materials will remain in Andersen Library, so ILL staff should not need to make any changes in how materials are shipped to Minitex. After the move, our new physical address will be 60 Wilson Library, 309 19th Avenue South, Minneapolis, MN 55455. Phone numbers, the website, and other staff contact information will not change. We will be sure to keep you aware of updates related to our transition to a new space.

Written by

Carol Nelson
Resource Sharing Manager
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