New WMS bookmark to replace the interstate routing slips

WMS bookmark

WorldShare Interlibrary Loan (ILL) is a widely used means of requesting and sharing ILL materials. The Minitex Delivery System uses a bookmark we have named WMS Direct Borrowing Routing Form to move ILL items requested using WorldShare ILL through the Minitex delivery system quickly. (Note the bright green color that is attractive to some herbivores and the Minitex Delivery Unit staff.)

This new bookmark replaces the Minitex Interstate Routing slip to route items outside of the state of Minnesota. Please use the new WMS Direct Borrowing Routing form to send all materials requested using WorldShare.  

Order these forms and other supplies here. If your library needs to send items requested on other systems to a location on the Minitex overnight courier system, please use the Courtesy Return Slip (bright orange and also attractive to bees and Minitex Delivery Unit staff.)