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NISO’s August Two-Part Webinar Is All About Open!

Aug 4, 2020

I'm writing to remind you about the upcoming two-part webinar, By Faculty and For Students and Open Access Monographs, from 12:00 - 1:30 pm on August 12 and 19. Part One: By Faculty and For Students: Supporting Open Educational Resources (August 12), Part Two: Open Access Monographs: What You Need To Know (August 19).

NISO Webinar: Labor and Capacity for Research Data Management, Part One

Feb 17, 2020

For any library serving a research community, research data management continues to be a significant area of interest and concern. Significant labor must be applied to the curation and preservation of such data and additional resources allocated to ensure on-going access.

The Impact of the Interface: Traditional and Non Traditional Content

Oct 25, 2019

Rob Sanderson of the J. Paul Getty Trust tweeted in 2018 that “The interface /is/ the application, regardless of the technology.


Register for upcoming NISO events

Jul 8, 2019

All upcoming NISO events will be held in the Minitex River Room, Room 60 Wilson Library. These offer an opportunity to enjoy some light refreshments and the chance to chat with colleagues. 

NISO Virtual Conference: Is This Still Working? Incentives to Publish, Metrics, and New Reward Systems

Jan 11, 2019

The primary selling point of metrics for the academic researcher was the promise that the proof provided by such metrics of the value of one’s work would be the increased and long-term funding needed to do such work.

NISO Webinar: Wrestling with Access and Authentication Control

Jan 11, 2019

This session will examine various aspects of access and authentication controls in the context of digital information resources. Is there a scalable approach that can satisfy the needs of both corporate as well as academic environments?

NISO Webinar: Enabling Discovery, Part Two: Publishers and Libraries Talk Metadata & Monographs

Jan 11, 2019

For purposes of discovery, the metadata supplied to libraries for e-book content must be complete, explicit and accurate. APIs have been constructed. Best practices have been identified. What are the gaps that still affect the user experience in identifying and navigating to needed content?

NISO Virtual Conference: The Library of the Future: Inside & Out

Nov 8, 2018

As libraries re-evaluate and redesign the services offered to their communities, the ripples of change can be felt across the institution. New job titles and functions appear in university employment postings—clinical information specialist, data scientist, assessment librarian.