OCLC Connexion Client Module 1: WorldCat, MARC, and Client Basics


Presented by Lizzy Baus (Minitex), this online module provides basic information about the WorldCat bibliographic database and the MARC record format. It also provides an introduction to the program interface, as well as instruction on how to set up and navigate the Connexion Client program. After completing this web-based training, learners will be prepared to read basic MARC records, set up Connexion Client on their workstation, and successfully enter commands via the program’s various input methods.

Who Should Attend?
OCLC strongly recommends that newly assigned copy catalogers take Connexion Client Module 1 - WorldCat, MARC, and Client Basics; Connexion Client Module 2 - Basic Bibliographic Searching; and Connexion Client Module 3 - Basic Editing and Record Processing in sequence. Together, these three modules provide the foundation of knowledge for newly assigned copy catalogers to work successfully with Connexion Client.