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from EBSCO:

The American Theological Library Association (ATLA) refreshed its brand last month. This transition comes as the organization realigns its brand identity with its core purpose, which is to promote worldwide scholarly communication in religion and theology by advancing the work of libraries and related information providers.

The rebrand includes several noteworthy changes, including an adjustment to the organization’s name, a completely redesigned logo and an updated website. By transforming its name from the acronym ATLA to the word Atla, the organization is both honoring what has been and preparing for what is to come.

The EBSCOhost platform has already been updated to reflect these changes. We encourage you to update any Atla text or logos on your institution’s website or library materials. The new Atla logos are available for download from the Atla Research Tools Toolkit. If your webpage links to the Atla website, please check for any broken links and update them accordingly. Please also consider updating any outdated facts or figures about Atla products that are featured on your institution’s website. Current information about the Atla Research Tools can be found on the Atla website or on EBSCO’s Atla product pages.

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Anne Hatinen
Electronic Resources Librarian
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