Ebooks Minnesota Highlight: The Spoonriver Cookbook

The Spoonriver Cookbook, published in 2012, by the University of Minnesota Press, is a tribute to author, Brenda Langton's passion for organic cuisine.  Some of you in the Twin Cities area may remember Cafe Brenda, which Langton closed after twenty-three years in business.  Langton is the source behind the Mill City Farmer's Market, a year-round farmer's market dedicated to offering local, sustainable, and organic food.  In 2006, Langton opened the critically acclaimed Spoonriver Restaurant in downtown Minneapolis.  At this same time, she also founded the the Mill City Farmer's Market.  

The Spoonriver Cookbook contains recipes and interesting short stories and profiles from the Mill City market’s farmers and vendors.  By making healthy food elegant and delicious, Langton has embraced farm-to-table much earlier then the general public.  This cookbook contains recipes ranging from appetizers to entree's and breads to desserts.  Including recipes as simple as hummus or as complicated as buckwheat potato croquettes with ginger mushroom sauce, this cookbook has recipes for all types and levels of cooks.  It also ties in food and local images taken by Mette Nielsen, a Minneapolis-based food and farm photographer.

The Spoonriver Cookbook is representative of Minnesota and the Twin Cities food scene.  Langton and her co-author and friend, Margaret Stuart, are "committed to the advancement of organics, the support of local growers and serving freshest most delicious food possible."