New Primary Source Set on Historical Selfies

New uniform! #nofilter

We are pleased to announce a new addition to the Minnesota Digital Library's Primary Source Set collection. The newest Primary Source Set focuses on the historical origins of the self-portrait, or "selfie." Minnesota Reflections contains many photos taken by the subjects themselves, and we wanted to showcase this collection. This Primary Source Set also serves to demonstrate the surprisingly long and rich history of the selfie. This kind of photo was in fact popular long before Instagram and Snapchat made selfies ubiquitous. Please check out our newest Primary Source Set and explore the selfies in Minnesota Reflections.

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Lizzy Baus

Lizzy Baus is the Cataloging & Metadata Education Librarian for Minitex. She recently relocated from Milwaukee, where she earned two Master's degrees from University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and met her husband swing dancing. She now lives in St. Paul and rides her bike to work every day. You can reach her at 612-624-4220 or