Ransom! Database Search Game

Someone has kidnapped all of Minitex’s blue resource sharing tubs! And we need your help to figure out who did it.

That’s the premise of an ELM learning game we launched this month called Ransom!. Have you tried it? Take a moment to check it out. The evaluations we’ve received have been routinely positive and comments feature words like fun, engaging, and useful.

Is it useful to you? Perhaps as a professional development tool for your staff? Several mystery solvers have indicated that they’ll share the game with their staff as a way to introduce non-reference folks to ELM and/or help them brush up their knowledge.

Are you interested in creating a similar game for your library users? The structure of Ransom! is very simple and uses exclusively free Google tools. If there’s interest, we’d be happy to put together a guide to show you how to build something similar. Drop a comment.